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Tekken 3, known as 鉄拳3, stands as the third installment within the renowned Tekken franchise,

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Tekken 3, known as 鉄拳3, stands as the third installment within the renowned Tekken 3 APK franchise, initially hitting the arcade scene in 1997 and later making its way to the PlayStation platform in 1998. Subsequently, in 2005, the arcade rendition was reintroduced for the PlayStation 2, incorporated into Tekken 5’s Arcade History mode. Furthermore, Tekken 3 found its place among the lineup of Sony’s PlayStation Classic.

Distinguished by a fresh array of characters, Tekken 3 introduced pivotal figures such as Jin Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, Bryan Fury, Eddy Gordo, Hwoarang, and Julia Chang, contributing to a roster totaling twenty-three characters. Enhancing its allure, the home edition introduced the engaging beat ’em up mode, Tekken Force, alongside the captivating bonus mode, Tekken Ball.

Earning accolades across both arcade and console platforms, Tekken 3 witnessed substantial success, with 35,000 arcade units sold and 8.36 million PlayStation copies distributed worldwide. Such achievements propelled Tekken 3 to claim the status of the fifth best-selling PlayStation game. Endorsed as a timeless classic, Tekken 3 has secured its position among the greatest video games ever crafted. Its legacy was furthered by the release of Tekken Tag Tournament in 1999, followed by the direct sequel, Tekken 4, in 2001.


Tekken 3 upholds the fundamental fighting mechanics and principles established by its predecessors. While prior Tekken installments mainly featured two-dimensional movement with limited sidestepping and evasion maneuvers, Tekken 3 elevates the significance of three-dimensional movement. Characters gain the ability to sidestep into or out of the background, enhancing strategic depth and combat dynamics. Moreover, adjustments to jumping mechanics ensure a more balanced gameplay experience, promoting the utilization of sidestepping to evade ground attacks effectively.

Building upon the foundation laid by Tekken 2, Tekken 3 introduces universal reversals, granting all characters access to this defensive maneuver. The game also implements various enhancements, including swifter recoveries from knockdowns, expanded options for escaping tackles and stuns, an increased repertoire of juggling-enabled moves, and the introduction of combo throws, enriching the combat system with greater diversity and complexity.

Innovatively, Tekken 3 incorporates a captivating beat ’em up minigame titled “Tekken Force,” wherein players navigate through diverse stages, engaging adversaries in side-scrolling combat encounters. This concept later evolved into a minigame featured in Tekken 4 and evolved further into the Devil Within campaign mode in Tekken 5. Additionally, the game introduces “Tekken Ball,” a unique minigame reminiscent of beach volleyball. Players must employ powerful attacks to manipulate the ball, aiming to either overwhelm opponents or strategically exploit their vulnerabilities for penalty damage, adding an entertaining diversion to the overall gameplay experience.


The arcade iteration of Tekken 3 boasts a roster of 21 characters, reflecting a 20-year time leap from Tekken 2. Merely six characters from the prior installment reprise their roles, while the remainder comprises fresh faces.

The console adaptation introduces two novel characters: Dr. Bosconovitch and Gon. Additionally, Anna Williams undergoes transformation from a mere palette swap of Nina Williams in the arcade version to a distinct character, complete with a unique moveset, voice clips, and ending. Notably, several adversaries encountered exclusively in the Tekken Force minigame remain unplayable. Initially, the console edition features a modest selection of 10 characters, with others unlocked through various in-game achievements.

Among the notable newcomers is Bryan Fury, an undead cyborg kickboxer dispatched by the deranged scientist Dr. Abel on a mission to abduct his rival, Dr. Bosconovitch. The roster further expands with characters like Dr. Bosconovitch himself, a whimsical elderly scientist and friend of Yoshimitsu, and Eddy Gordo, a Capoeira prodigy seeking vengeance against the Mishima Zaibatsu. Other standout additions include Jin Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, and Hwoarang, each driven by personal motives within the tournament’s narrative.

Meanwhile, the enigmatic Ogre assumes the mantle of the primary antagonist, embodying the role of an immortal bioweapon and the orchestrator behind the vanishing of numerous martial artists. Ogre manifests in two distinctive forms: the initial humanoid guise known as Ancient Ogre and the formidable monstrous entity dubbed True Ogre, each wielding distinct fighting styles and abilities.

Tekken 3’s diverse ensemble of characters contributes to its enduring appeal, offering players a plethora of engaging combatants and narrative threads to explore within the game’s immersive universe.


Fifteen years post the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2, Heihachi Mishima initiates the Tekken Force, a paramilitary faction dedicated to safeguarding the Mishima Zaibatsu. Leveraging the company’s influence, Heihachi orchestrates events culminating in global peace. However, tranquility shatters when a Tekken Force squad ventures into a Mexican temple, only to face annihilation by the enigmatic Ogre. Witnessing Ogre’s power, Heihachi schemes to capture the creature for personal gain, unaware of its sinister intentions behind the chaos unfolding worldwide.

Meanwhile, Jun Kazama, residing in Yakushima with her son, Jin Kazama, senses Ogre’s looming threat. Knowing she’s a target, Jun urges Jin to seek refuge with Heihachi. Ogre’s assault leaves Jin’s home in ruins and his mother missing, presumed dead. Possessed by vengeance, Jin seeks training from Heihachi to confront Ogre. Enrolling in Mishima High School, Jin encounters Ling Xiaoyu and Hwoarang, igniting enduring rivalries and alliances.

Four years elapse, witnessing Jin mastering Mishima karate. Heihachi announces the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 on Jin’s nineteenth birthday, unbeknownst to the participants that they’re pawns in Heihachi’s ploy to lure Ogre. Amidst the tournament, Jin liberates Nina Williams from Ogre’s control, leading to a showdown against Hwoarang and a climactic battle with Ogre’s monstrous form, True Ogre. Emerging victorious, Jin’s triumph is short-lived as Heihachi, deeming him expendable, orders an ambush. Miraculously revived by the Devil within him, Jin overpowers the Tekken Force and confronts Heihachi, heralding a new chapter in their tumultuous saga as Jin takes flight with ominous wings unfurled, leaving Heihachi to ponder the ramifications of his actions.


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