Tag After School
Tag After School

Download Tag After School Apk v9.2 For Android (Latest)

Dive into the thrilling world of Tag After School Download, a game designed for those who relish a blend of fun and spine-tingling terror

App Name Tag After School
Publisher Puzzle
Size 97.6 MB
Latest Version v 9.2
Download (97.6 MB)
Dive into the thrilling world of Tag After School Download, a game designed for those who relish a blend of fun and spine-tingling terror. Assume the role of Shota-Kun, a timid young schoolboy navigating the eerie corridors of a Japanese school. Brace yourself for a gaming experience that combines captivating content with chilling visuals, sending shivers down your spine. Traverse through various unsettling locations within the haunted school, as you search for essential items while evading ghosts and overcoming obstacles. Safeguard yourself from potential dangers, strategize to avoid pitfalls, and uncover the path to your escape.


Embark on a chilling journey with Tag After School APK, a horror game that immerses players in the unsettling experiences of Shota-Kun. As Shota-Kun, a meek boy grappling with lost self-confidence due to bullying by peers, you face a daunting challenge. Following an invitation from a fellow student, Shota-Kun agrees to spend a night in an abandoned, haunted school.

tag after school apk android Upon entering the eerie premises, Shota-Kun becomes the central character, tasked with the formidable mission of finding an escape route. Venture through the haunted school, exploring its ominous corridors. Uncover and gather essential items such as cells, torches, and tools that serve as guides for your journey, dictating when to advance and when to halt. The school is teeming with ghosts, heightening the need for caution and strategic navigation.

Immersed in a narrative-driven gameplay experience, players must make crucial decisions that significantly impact the progression of the game. Choose wisely, as your decisions will shape the unfolding story and determine the ultimate fate of Shota-Kun within the haunted school.


Addictive Gameplay

Immerse yourself in the captivating gameplay of this addictive game, ensuring hours of entertainment without a dull moment. Experience the thrill of terror and horror accompanied by visually stimulating elements that promise an engaging and enduring gaming experience.

Interesting Storyline

Engage with the immersive narrative of a timid schoolboy, Shota-Kun, as the game unfolds the story of his acceptance of a daunting challenge. Witness his journey of confronting fears and overcoming obstacles as he ventures to spend a night in a haunted school. Your role is crucial in guiding him to navigate challenges, ensuring a safe passage, and finding the path to escape.

Multiple Endings

Immerse yourself in a narrative-rich gaming experience where players are prompted to make critical decisions at various junctures. The outcomes of these choices determine the ultimate ending of the story. Brace yourself for multiple possible endings, as the game tailors its conclusion based on the decisions you make throughout the gameplay.

Many Obstacles

Exercise utmost caution, as a plethora of obstacles and adversaries lie in wait. Navigate skillfully to sidestep all hindrances and foes, ensuring a seamless progression through the game while averting unwarranted challenges and maintaining your presence in the gaming experience.

Explore the Haunted School

Embark on an exploration of the vast expanse of the school, delving into its numerous rooms and thoroughly investigating each area. Uncover valuable items such as torches, batteries, and more to aid in your journey. Look out for a guide girl who can provide assistance, offering crucial cues on when to halt and when to proceed, enhancing your chances of success in the game.

Simple Controls

Moreover, the game features user-friendly controls, ensuring accessibility for players of all skill levels. Enjoy the simplicity of playing with just your fingers, eliminating the need for any intricate systems or complex maneuvers.

Riddles and Clues

Immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of the game, where mysteries and puzzles abound. Pay close attention to the clues provided to unravel the riddles and puzzles, as solving them is crucial for progression within the game. Your ability to decipher these challenges is essential to moving forward in the gameplay.

Download Tag After School

Download (97.6 MB)

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