Hole House


HoleHouse presents an intriguing scenario where you stumble upon an aging brothel recently acquired by new management seeking to rejuvenate the establishment. Facing a shortage of staff, they are on the hunt for recruits, and only those who can prove their worth will earn full membership. Within HoleHouse, players delve into the world of adult entertainment, engaging with women to uncover their secrets and desires.

Persuading these women to join the workforce is no simple task, requiring a deft touch and persuasive skills. If you believe you possess such talents, then a warm welcome awaits you at the House of Surprise, where you can build your own team of recruits. As the game progresses, you assume the role of a seasoned brothel manager, tasked with overhauling operations under the new owner’s ambitious plans. With the establishment currently operating at minimal staffing levels, your challenge is to expand the workforce and drive profitability through strategic recruitment efforts.

Highlights of Hole House


The game offers multi-language support, presenting an excellent opportunity for players who may not be fluent in English to fully engage and enjoy the experience in their native tongue. This inclusivity enhances accessibility, ensuring a broader audience can immerse themselves in the game without language barriers hindering their enjoyment.



Within the game, players can access a plethora of upgrades aimed at enhancing the brothel’s amenities and drawing in a larger clientele. These upgrades encompass a wide array of improvements, ranging from luxurious furniture and ornate decorations to premium services such as a rooftop bar and exclusive VIP accommodations. By investing in these upgrades, players can elevate the overall appeal of the establishment, thereby increasing its allure and profitability.

Levels to explore

Hole House presents an array of challenging levels that intensify as players advance through the game. This escalating difficulty ensures continuous engagement and provides players with a constant sense of challenge and accomplishment.


Many characters

The game boasts a diverse cast of characters, each endowed with their own distinct abilities and strengths. This addition enriches the gaming experience by introducing variety and enhancing replay value, as players can explore different character dynamics and strategies with each playthrough.

Attractive graphics

The game showcases exceptional graphics, boasting breathtaking visuals that contribute significantly to its immersive quality.


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