Free Dragon Ball Fighterz Android Download

Free Dragon Ball Fighterz Android Download emerges as a nimble gaming experience featuring 2D graphics. While this description may not immediately captivate, the true value of the game becomes apparent upon installation. Boasting intense battles, daily challenges, and intricate missions leading to rewards, this game immerses players in a dynamic Dragon Ball Z universe. All the beloved characters from the show are at your disposal, allowing you to choose your fighter. Engage in fierce battles against formidable foes, striving to outscore your adversaries and reap additional rewards. The game adopts a progressive approach, wherein the more you engage in battles, the greater power you amass. Subsequently, new capabilities are unlocked as you undergo transformations in your quest for supremacy.


Free Dragon Ball Fighterz Android Download offers an engaging 2D action gaming experience, allowing players to engage in battles with iconic characters from Dragon Ball Z and determine who reigns supreme in strength. Choose from a diverse roster of characters, creating a formidable squad for group combat scenarios. Opt for a strategic approach by selecting both sides for automated battles or take control of one side, pitting yourself against the computer.

This lightweight game is compatible with various Android devices, ensuring accessibility for a wide audience. Dive into daily challenges to unlock fresh powers and put your combat skills to the test. Customize your player by changing costumes and adding new accessories, enhancing both aesthetics and gameplay dynamics.


Discover numerous exclusive advantages designed to keep you entertained by installing the game and exploring the additional features firsthand.

  • Simple Gameplay

Embrace a straightforward narrative as you progress through the available missions, completing the journey to acquire new powers and abilities.

  • Choose a Character

Access the roster of all characters featured in the show, where you can either opt for a single player or assemble a team of five characters.

  • Group Fights

Engage in 5v5 battles to determine the strength of each team. Choose between automatic mode for hands-off combat or take control of a player to strategically manage the moves during the fight.

  • Unlock New Powers

Persist in battling against adversaries to accumulate more strength and unlock a myriad of new powers. The key is to unlock all these powers, paving the way to progress to the transformation level.

  • Practice Mode

Utilize the practice mode to assess and enhance your fighting skills, refining your offensive abilities by gaining better control over the command buttons.

How to Install Dragon Ball FighterZ APK?

Click the download button to acquire the Dragon Ball FighterZ app. Tap the install button and patiently await the completion of the installation process. Launch the game and create a new account, selecting a distinctive username. Pick a character to initiate your gameplay. Engage in either 1v1 or Group Fights to evaluate and showcase your fighting prowess.

Final Words

Dragon Ball FighterZ Apk is compatible with all Android devices, allowing you to effortlessly install the game on your smartphone in a matter of seconds. Immerse yourself in the dynamic 2D environment, engaging in intense battles as you select your favorite characters to combat formidable adversaries and vanquish evil bosses.

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