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Back Alley Tales

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Explore the undisclosed realms of crimes, assistance, and unsettling occurrences in the obscure corners of the world, rarely brought to light

App Name Back Alley Tales
Publisher Backalley
Size 119 MB
Latest Version v 2.0
MOD Info Games
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Explore the undisclosed realms of crimes, assistance, and unsettling occurrences in the obscure corners of the world, rarely brought to light by cameras or the justice system. Picture a game where you immerse yourself in the scenes of crime, unveiling the secrets concealed behind the veils, and the narrative unfolds in a way that brings those secrets directly to you. Focused on issues rooted in gender discrimination, race, religion, and more, these dark corners reveal their stories through clandestine means.


Enter the realm of Back Alley Tales APK, a game that places you in the role of a security camera guard responsible for monitoring specific cameras throughout your day. However, the routine becomes mundane, prompting you to delve into previously recorded camera shots that reveal chilling and ominous events. The subsequent events are laden with curiosity and suspense, forming the crux of the narrative.

For those in search of a novel and captivating detective gameplay experience, back alley tales dow await. Uncover unknown and concealed facts about various locations within the gameplay, a prospect that captivates the imagination of many. The introduction of this gameplay aims to showcase its usefulness and intrigue, highlighting the numerous advantages it offers to players.


The back alley stands out as a prominent spy-themed game, casting players in the role of a vigilant security guard responsible for monitoring cameras. As the player commences their duties, monotony may set in, leading them to explore prerecorded camera footage. However, delving into these recordings unveils shocking events that challenge both belief and comprehension, presenting a pivotal moment of decision for the player.

This APK version of Back Alley Tales APK represents the latest iteration available online. While there are mods accessible for a more straightforward experience, the original version maintains its excellence. The game seamlessly blends fiction with crime simulation, portraying illicit activities within the infamous streets worldwide. It caters to enthusiasts of spy games and those with a penchant for detective narratives, offering a next-level experience.

Recalling the cinematic scenes of security guards and police scrutinizing their surroundings for potential criminals, the game evokes nostalgia. In these scenarios, immediate arrests were made upon identifying a suspect. Following apprehension, the police would initiate thorough investigations and further research to gather evidence. Back Alley Tales draws inspiration from these compelling themes, providing an immersive experience for players.

More about Back Alley Tales APK

The dedication of the game developers shines through in this masterpiece, where meticulous effort has resulted in a remarkable creation. Utilizing live 2D technology, the developers have crafted over 4k pixel animations, adding a dynamic dimension to the visuals. With access to 12 intricately designed locations, the application offers a diverse and captivating environment. The graphics and animations featured in this application consistently captivate users with their exceptional quality, elevating the overall gaming experience.

Back Alley Tales APK emerges as a compelling and trending Android application, centered around a gameplay narrative involving a security guard on a quest to identify criminals in the vicinity. When the vigilant guard senses any suspicion or observes an individual of interest, an intricate investigation unfolds. The real essence of the game takes shape as the guard gathers substantial evidence against the potential criminal. Once identified, the criminal is brought to light in front of the entire community, leading to lively discussions among the villagers. This aspect not only infuses entertainment but also imparts valuable lessons about societal responsibility.

In a unique twist, this app allows you to step into the role of both the player and the character within the gameplay, providing an immersive experience where you are responsible for the unfolding events. It offers a chance to create suspense akin to that found in movies, granting you the power to shape the narrative as it unfolds.


Explore the key features of Back Alley Tales APK with these succinct bullet points:

  • Back Alley is a popular detective gameplay currently trending.
  • The gameplay revolves around a security guard actively seeking out criminals in the surrounding area.
  • Players engage in investigations, scrutinizing suspicious individuals and amassing evidence.
  • The game incorporates a social element where players can expose criminals in front of villagers.
  • Easily downloadable and playable on Android devices for user convenience.
  • Suited for enthusiasts of spy and detective games, it provides an engaging experience.
  • Players relish the excitement of monitoring security camera footage within the game.
  • Features authentic video footage depicting real-life crimes and events from various parts of the world.
  • Back Alley serves as an interesting and educational game, imparting lessons about safety and security to players.


How to download

Follow these straightforward steps to download and set up for use:

  1. Download Back Alley Tales APK from your preferred source, whether it’s the app store or a third-party location.
  2. Initiate the installation process on your phone. Ensure you grant permission for installing third-party applications, as failure to do so may restrict the installation.
  3. Extract the file from the downloaded APK, completing the game installation in a few simple steps.
  4. Upon installation and opening, the application itself will guide you on the subsequent actions, given its user-friendly interface.

In essence, is a game that immerses you in the role of a security guard monitoring security camera footage. The intrigue deepens as you uncover video footage depicting unsettling crimes and frightening events from diverse parts of the world. Tailored for spy and detective game enthusiasts, the game is easy to download and play.

serves as an engaging platform for interactive detective gameplay, gaining popularity among individuals who relish such gaming experiences. These games provide an avenue to unveil concealed details about subtle detection signs, locations, and suspicious individuals. Designed with an educational purpose, the game aims to inform individuals about essential security measures. Balancing both educational and entertaining aspects, the gameplay unfolds as described in the preceding text. Take the opportunity to carefully explore the text, acquiring valuable skills and insights into security awareness from the app.


As highlighted earlier, the  stands as a game that takes detective and spy enthusiasts to the next level, promising a gaming experience infused with passion and energy. Download this application to immerse yourself in a gameplay that sparks curiosity and suspense, creating an atmosphere of excitement. Additionally, once the app is opened on your device, it runs smoothly, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

For those intrigued by inspection-related activities or interested in stepping into the shoes of a security guard for a few minutes each day, the Back Alley Tales app is a must-download. Discover new tricks to identify suspicious individuals in your surroundings, a skill that can be invaluable in differentiating between good and potentially harmful individuals. Embrace the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of staying safe, secure, and up-to-date in various situations.

Download Back Alley Tales

Download (119 MB)

You are now ready to download Back Alley Tales for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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